Welcome to the site of the world census of the Abaza, Abhaz and Circassian (Adyga) peoples!

This resource has been created to obtain generalized demographic and social information about our peoples, which live either on the native land in Caucasus or in more than 57 countries of the world. Until now there was no - not more or less - precise statistical data on the number and geography of our stay, including the number of specialists in one or another region, to the state of our native languages and to other key issues. For the purpose of overcoming the existing huge gap, and also for the association of our fraternal people for the coordination, relationship, interaction and attraction to the historical native land this site was created.

We request you to support the idea, approved by the International Association of Abkhazian-Abaza People (Acad. Mr. T.M.Shamba), by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia (Mr. D.V.Kove) , by the Committee of Repatriation (Mr. V.N.Harazia), by the National Assembly  - the Parliament of  the Republic of Abkhazia.

We thank you in advance and call to fill in the short questionnaire and also to contribute further to the maximally broad coverage of the representatives of our diaspora. We wish all of you peace and to the representatives of the future generations of our numerous Diaspora - retention of high national self-consciousness and worthy continuation of the history of our peoples!


We express the deep gratitude for the accomplished work in the creation of the site of IT-manager the respected Marina Shamba. 

With the respect, on behalf of the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Abkhazia in the Federal Republic of Germany, 
   Dr. Khibla Amichba




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